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Are you already an established classic lash extension technician who has mastered the classic technique but is looking to add more skills and INCOME to your business with volume lashes?

Look no further as we are offering our 2-day Advanced VOLUME Eyelash Extension course.

Our Volume Course will help educate you on everything you need to know about volume eyelash extensions and provide you with all the fundamentals to help build upon your lashing skills with a new technique!

In order to become certified you will need to :

Successfully complete the in person course and its materials

Apply lash extensions to 1 live model*You will need to provide your own model

- Complete and send BEFORE & AFTER photos of three full volume sets you've completed done of class.

Upon completing successful model submissions, you will receive certification for Volume Eyelash Extensions. 


All of our courses include lifetime support! Students will also have lifetime access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions, start discussions amongst your peers, and have access to articles and files full of valuable information!

What you'll learn


- Classic vs. Volume lashes vs. Clusters 

- Multiple volume fanning techniques

- Determining volume fan weights

- Fan spacing

- Volume lash pick up

- Dipping fans in glue

- Lash wrapping

- Styling

- Health and safety

-Application on a mannequin head

- Application on a live model

- Marketing


*The volume course is a add-on course to any classic course you have already taken.

It is an advanced course and only recommended for those who have mastered the classic lashing technique and skills associated with lashing. You must be able to show your skill and lash health knowledge through your work as this is an ADVANCED technique.*

Courses are a maximum of 4 students at a time to optimize the full day and answer any and all questions you have during the duration of the day.

what's included


- Course booklet

- Volume Practice sheet

- Volume lash glue

- 4 volume lash trays

- Lash tile

- Volume tweezer

- Isolation tweezer

- Mascara wands

- Micro brushes

- Tape roll

- Under eye pads

The kit included is a starter kit that should be enough materials for at least 10 clients!

The lash supplies provided in the kits are all personally tested, high quality eyelash extension products so you'll be working with the best right from the start!

what's the cost?

The in-person VOLUME course cost is $1095.00 (includes GST) 

All of our courses include a free starter lash kit. 


To some of you this may still seem like a large chunk of money to invest in up front, but if you think about it, on average you have the potential to make $100.00-$250.00 per volume set with materials costing less than $5.00 per application - you will make the money spent on your course back IN NO TIME!Sounds like a great investment!

How to sign up

For our in-person course: When you are ready to book a course with Elite Lash Society, please send a email or message under the contact page on this website. Let us know when you are looking to take the course and we will work with you to find a training date around the time you are looking for. We require a $395.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot so please be ready to send this in order to move forward with booking the course. This will go towards the total price and your remaining balance will be due 24 hours prior to your selected course date. We also offer payment plans that allow you to pay over 3, 6, or 12 months! Let us know if you would like to go with the payment plan option and we will help you get set up!

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