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Are you already an established classic lash extension technician who has mastered the classic technique but is looking to add more skills and INCOME to your business with volume lashes?

Look no further as we are offering our Online Volume Course course which allows you to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home!

The Online Volume Course will help educate you on everything you need to know about volume eyelash extensions and provide you with all the fundamentals to help build upon your lashing skills with a new technique! The volume course is a add-on course to any classic course you have already taken.

It is an advanced course and only recommended for those who have mastered the classic lashing technique and skills associated with lashing. You must be able to show your skill and lash health knowledge through your work as this is an ADVANCED technique.

Our online courses include lifetime access with no deadline to complete the course.

In order to become certified you will need to :

Successfully complete the online video modules and its materials

- Practice the techniques on your own time

- Complete and send BEFORE & AFTER photos of three full volume sets.

Upon completing successful model submissions, you will receive certification for Volume Eyelash Extensions. 


All of our courses include lifetime support! Students will also have lifetime access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions, start discussions amongst your peers, and have access to articles and files full of valuable information!

video modules


  1. Introduction

  2. Volume Lashes

  3. Growth cycle

  4. Client assessment

  5. Allergies

  6. Waiver forms

  7. Set Up

  8. Preparation

  9. Sanitization

  10. Fanning techniques

  11. Fan weights

  12. Fan spacing 

  13. Fan pick up

  14. Fan wrapping

  15. Lash Cleansing

  16. Styling

  17. Full set

  18. Aftercare

  19. Marketing

  20. Pricing

  21. Practice sheet

  22. Certification

course kit options



  • Lash glue

  • 4x volume lash trays

  • Lash tile

  • Volume tweezer

  • Isolation tweezer

  • 10x Mascara wands

  • 10x Micro brushes

  • Paper tape roll

  • 10x Under eye pads




  • Massage table

  • Ring Light 

  • Stool

  • Lash pillow

  • Humidity reader

  • Electric handheld fan

  • Nanomister

  • Lash cleanser & cleansing brush

  • 50x undereye pads

  • 50x mascara wands

  • 100x microbrushes

  • Paper tape roll

  • Lash Glue

  • 4x Volume lash trays

  • Lash tile

  • Volume tweezer

  • Isolation tweezer

  • Volume sticky dot

what's the cost?

The Online VOLUME course offers 3 price options:

Course Only (No Kit) - $295.00

Course + Starter Kit -  $595.00

Course + Extended Kit -  $1290.00 

How to sign up

For our online course: Once you have decided that this option is best for you, head on over to our online shop to purchase the online course. You will receive login details shortly to be able to access our online training course page where you will find our online video modules and downloadable manual. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE ONLINE VOLUME COURSE.

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